Geovey & Public Engagement

From engaging the public and communities over large-scale, commercial developments - to voicing every day problems and finding their solutions.

  • Geovey Open

    Geovey Open is designed to help individuals improve the places that they live in. Too many of us “moan” about our surroundings without realise that we could actually do something about it.

    Geovey Open gives the public a platform to share their local concerns or ideas along with solutions for making things better. The interactive nature of the service encourages discussion and further thought ensuring that good ideas become great as more people feed into them.

    With Geovey Open any individual can describe an IMProvement to their local area and share it via the social networks.

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  • Geovey for Organisations

    Geovey for Organisations is a white-label integration product designed around instancing specific projects and surveys.

    It has two distinct modes. The first is to present a specific project or consultation to a target audience and engage with them for reaction and feedback. The second is designed to present a proposition structure and harvest user suggestions and ideas that relate to the subject in hand.

    Geovey for Organisations allows you full authorship over the presentation of either format - and a raft of additional survey controls, statistical analysis of feedback and the ability to 'poll' specific queries and features.

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What does Geovey Do?

  • Map Based

    Geovey is a map based system allowing you to gather localised feedback and data from your customers or communities.

  • Easy

    Using Geovey you can quickly and easily describe your plans or ideas upon the map without the need for GIS staff or any technical knowledge at all.

  • Social

    These plans are then shared with your communities via a range of channels, from QR codes on printed material to all of the major social networks.

  • Inclusive

    Geovey has been designed to cover the entire spectrum of society from young people to those with disabilities who may be homebound. Geovey will increase response rates as it quickly traverse social networks and other electronic means.

  • Interactive

    Geovey can be configured to allow the public to interact directly with your plans, by voting upon individual components, adding their own comments to pieces of your plan or even adding their own map notes or suggestions.

  • Informative

    Geovey’s deep analytics give you a clear picture of the public view of your idea. Embedded language analytics tell you how supportive the comments are and demographic location analysis tells you what type of people are interacting and where do they come from. Geovey gives you much more information than a traditional consultation process.

  • Mobile Ready

    Geovey works on all modern devices. Geovey’s mobile friendly interface has been designed to allow users to comment from any location including the actual site of your plans.

  • Cloud Based

    Geovey requires no software install and can be embedded within an existing site with a single line of HTML. Geovey is based upon an open platform that works well with external API’s and data sources.

  • Ordnance Survey

    Geovey is based upon the very latest Ordnance Survey map data and services. It can be configured to use highly detailed base mapping sets such as Mastermap or Vector Local. Or alternatively customised map layers based upon opendata with no license charge. Geovey is unique in allowing the map to be customised as required, it is not tied to a map service that the user cannot control, maintain or update.

Why would you use Geovey?

  • It would be great if...
  • I would like to see...
  • This is my idea for...
  • It would be great if...
  • You already carry out consultations but are not reaching a wide enough audience
  • Your consultations are currently paper based, time consuming and costly. You are looking to reduce the cost of these and the staff time required
  • You need the GIS team to create a map for you every time you do a consultation
  • You want to use a map-based platform to crowdsource new data
  • You want your customers to feel engaged and involved in your consultation process
  • You are interested in the ideas that your community may have and are looking for a channel to receive these

How easy is it to get Geovey and embed it into my process?

Very simple. We give you a set of login details and you are ready to go. Geovey is entirely cloud based and you are in control of your users and consultations. Our license has no limits and you can have as many users as you like and publish as many consultations as you like.

We’ve embedded a single consultation into examples of media using three different mechanisms so that you can see how easy it is:-

Here we have a short link that could be sent via email or other electronic means.

This one is a QR code, scan it using your mobile phone and you will be taken directly to it.

And this one is embedded and looks as if it is part of your existing website.

How do I manage my consultations?

Geovey comes with an administration backend that gives you control over your consultations. You can create, publish, update and remove consultations as you see fit. You can also moderate content added by the public including taking advantage of our “abuse checker” component that scans every message posted and flags any obscene or defamatory text.

Geovey integrates well with other services and we can connect your system to Slack if required and provide real time alerts against consultation events. For example, it can advise you of new users registering upon the system or alert you to a message being added to a consultation.

Geovey will export data into a variety formats, including CSV, Microsoft Excel and even pure JSON if you so require. Geovey comes with a number of reports 'out-of-the-box' with custom reporting and downloads available on request.

Better for visualisation and interaction


Many map based services overlay their data upon mapping from Bing, Google, Mapbox or Openstreetmap. These are all fantastic mapping engines but….. they are often not the best choice for organisations delivering services in the UK. Ordnance Survey mapping is the envy of the rest of the world due to its timely updates and accuracy. Every line drawn on the map has been properly validated, each label checked for correctness. Geovey uses a map engine able to use Ordnance Survey and other map data. This is pertinent for local authorities who have access to the Mastermap data set for their local area under the public sector mapping agreement.

Let’s compare Google and Mastermap side by you can see why we’re such fans of the Ordnance Survey.

Sample Google Maps
Sample Mastermap


So many sites talk about “interactive maps” but how many of them are truly interactive? Can you add something to the map? Can you comment upon it? Can you quickly show your support or disapproval for that item? Can you add your own suggestions?

In Geovey you can. We challenge you to find a more interactive map than Geovey. We've designed the service to give a full picture of public opinion across every aspect of your consultation - and this requires more than a single set of comments. Geovey will engage your customers with your consultation and ultimately provide you with the richest set of data possible.